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Rethinking Dominos

Rethinking Dominos

At the start of chapter 3 of a once forthcoming second edition of the Routier Gaming Manual[1], I pontificate: There are no references to dominos in western sources before the middle of the 18th century, when domino games appear to have been played in Italy and France. They are kept in this volume mainly so the … Continue reading Rethinking Dominos


In a spin about fletch wrapping

At most find-sites that have arrows there will be a non-equal mix of S- and Z-wrap on the bindings. The dig report will assert that left-handed fletchers were responsible for those that aren't the majority direction arrow binding, probably without mentioning whether it's the Z- or S- that they are talking about. I can't find where it … Continue reading In a spin about fletch wrapping

Archer’s Bracers and Wooden Stamps (again)

If anyone has been following the archery series, I’m doing some Mary Rose archer’s arm guards on my leather work blog.

The Reverend's Big Blog of Leather

I’ve talked about how easy it is to make wooden stamps a few times in the past. Here, here and here come to mind. I’m making some archer’s bracers based on Mary Rose originals to sell through Sven the Merchant and thought I’d take the opportunity to demonstrate a couple of techniques I use.

As before, the base for the stamp is tassie oak dowel, I like using this one because it is hard, has very fine end grain and can be easily heat hardened.

For most of the stamps, I created the stamp outlines on my PC at full size, reversed the original design and then printed them. After that I cut out the designs and glued them to the ends of the dowels.

Wooden stamps for Mary Rose Bracers

From left to right, stamps for Mary Rose 81A1185, 81A4639, 80A0901 and one marked up for 81A5826. I’ll cover that technique next.

Remove everything that isn’t…

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The Range of Arrows

(Warning: May contain Physics) Archery was officially withdrawn from the ranks of the London Trained Bands in 1593, but continued in the country with the trained bands having a significant number of archers into the 1620s.[1] At this time a number of defences of archery vs. musquetry were written comparing range and effectiveness of both … Continue reading The Range of Arrows

Three Books of Fishing

Published on internationalroutier.wordpress.com on February 20, 2011, and the source for the details of my Mary Rose fishing reel. Following on from some discussion at Newcastle, I present three treaties on fishing for your edification and reading pleasure. The first, A tretyse of fysshynge wyth an Angle, taken from the larger The Booke of haukynge, … Continue reading Three Books of Fishing

Review – The Wooden Bowl

Published on internationalroutier.wordpress.com on October 15, 2010. I've updated the link to Robin's blog as he's recently moved it. The Wooden Bowl Robin Wood, Stobart Davies, Pontyclerc, UK 2005 This is my third attempt to reduce the elegant simplicity of this book in to the banal form of a review. The first two ended up … Continue reading Review – The Wooden Bowl

17th century graffiti

Previously published on intrenationalroutier,wordpress.com on March 21, 2011 For those of you feeling the urge to do some reproduction 17th century graffiti, here’s some tips and original examples. There are a number of reasons why our forebears felt compelled to commit their carvings to posterity. To denote ownership of an object, for example, how to … Continue reading 17th century graffiti