Nydam Mose – Scandinavian arrow 200-500AD

Arrows based on votive finds from Illerup Ådal in Denmark, 200-500 AD. Similar arrows have been found at Nydam Mose. Fletching is turkey, colour matched to white-tailed eagle wing pinions, profile is from extant contemporary fletching from Juvfonna in Norway. The tanged head is close, but not a perfect match. I may try some of the bone heads next time. Components – Mountain Ash, linen, pitch, heads by Medieval-Fightclub


Thanks to Matt Bunker for the photos of the originals from the museum.

A further 36 arrows with red paint on their shafts were found in the late C5th grave at Högum, Medelpad, Sweden. [RAU 2007]:p 143


Rau, Andreas (2007) ‘Remarks on finds of wooden quivers from Nydam Mose, Southern Jutland, Denmark’. In Bliujiene, A. (ed.) Archaeologia Baltica. Vol. 8: Weapons, weaponry and man http://briai.ku.lt/downloads/AB/08/08_141-154_Rau.pdf




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