Iolo Goch – Welsh, 14th C

“suppose I were in yonder sloping wood opposite, and in my hand a bow of red yew ready bent, with a tough tight string, and a straight round shaft with a well rounded nock, having long slender feathers of a green silk fastening, and a sharp-edged steel head, heavy and thick, and an inch wide, of a green blue temper, that would draw blood out of a weathercock. And with my foot to a hillock, and my back to an oak, and the wind to my back, and the sun towards my side; and the girl I love best, hard by, looking at me …”

attributed to y Paun Bach, Dafydd ab Owen Gwynedd’s messenger – Owain Iolo Goch, 14th C

The record is silent on whether y Paun Bach then sang about being a Lumberjack.


Jessop M2 head from Medieval-Fightclub, parallel 28.5″ Port Orford Cedar shaft, 7″ by ¾″ goose fletching, horn cross-nock, green silk binding, rosin/beeswax/verdigris glue used over binding.

Reference: Roth, E., With a Bended Bow: Archery in Medieval and Renaissance Europe, The History Press, 2011


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