Dura Europos – Roman war arrow, 50BC-450AD

Roman examples from Duro Europos show black and red paint on the nocks, [BISHOP and COULSTON 2006]:p.167-168. Similar painted nocks can also be seen on arrows found at Qasr Ibrim, Nahal Tse’elim as well as Asian arrows. [BROWN P 2007]

Qasr Ibrim arrow with black painted nock, 24BC.
British Museum 1990-1-27.24, photo from romanarmy.net

This reproduction

Dura Europus Arrow
Dura Europus Arrow

3rd century Roman arrow from Dura Europos, pine, sinew, paint, feathers matched in colour, profile and size with the existing original, trilobate copper alloy head byManning Imperial. The originals were footed with reed, but I couldn’t find a reasonable match for size, strength or appearance.

I can do a medium bodkin head, which matches 3rd C finds from Vindolanda, Caerleon and Saalburg, or a Chippenham 2 style broadhead making it match 4th C examples from Gundremmingen and Gornea


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