Welcome to the other side. I’m using this blog for my indulgence, keeping the Big Blog of Leather for all historical things derived from the remains of animals. I’ll be reposting some old articles from long extinct magazines, posts from other blogs, new articles that don’t fit the other blog and in some cases, just showing off stuff I’ve made or done. I’ll run reprints of previously published articles on the first Tuesday of each month, photo essay on the third Tuesday and other posts on an ad-hoc basis between them.

Prepare to be enlightened or alarmed on topics from history, engineering, woodwork, whisky, computers and bad jokes about quantum physics.

‘Through the spirit of counsel, you do not bury your talent given you by God, but, by openly working and teaching in humility, you faithfully reveal it to those who desire to learn.’ Theophilus, Prologue to Book 3, On Divers Arts


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