I have a lovely box

I have a lovely box

In early November I spent a week at one of Peter Follansbee’s Making a Carved Oak Box workshops. This one was held at Rundell and Rundell‘s workshop in Kyneton in country Victoria.

Unusually, I’m not going to say how it’s done. I’m just going to share some photos from the week. Peter has an excellent article that was published in Woodwork in 2009, has instruction on his blog, a DVD and has a book due to be published in 2019. If you ever get the chance to go to one of Peter’s courses, do so. He exhibits the patience of Job and the wisdom of Solomon with his students (I expect it’s been a while since he had anyone cut in half). I had an absolute blast, he teaches the way I learn and is able to manage a room full of people with wildly different levels of experience. Go to the course, buy all his books and the DVDs too.

We started with preparing boards, then went on to some design and carving exercises, then carved the fronts of our boxes and finally assembled them.

I’ve mosiacated the photos to fit them in, hover over each one for a caption.

Dressing timber – would have helped to identify any student needing remedial tool tuition or revocation of sharp object privileges

Carving and mark-up practice 

Carving the box front

Making the till and dry testing the side joints

Box carcase assembly

Finishing the box.

The last couple of nails were banged in at 5:58pm on the last day. We took them home (an easy 10 hour drive) to finish with a raw linseed oil/gum turpentine mix. That’s it in the featured image photo. I’m hooked on carving, I’ve already started two more boxes.

Here’s the rest of the class’ boxes.

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