The Nydam Quiver – part 2a

Please forgive the delay, it’s been a rough 12 months. This was to have been about the finishing, at the end of the last part I’d finished hollowing and joined the parts together. Well… early in the new year we had a run of days in the mid- to high 40s* (probably high-50s in the workshop) with excessively high humidity and this happened:

There was obviously some unreleased tension in one part and with the heat and humidity softening the hide glue, it let go in a big way. As this was originally one piece of wood split from the trunk, the stresses were already in the piece when I started. I had expected a little, but not as severe as this, which was the reason I sawed the turned quiver rather than chasing a large spiralling split.

Instant 50 x 915mm sandpaper

It wasn’t the only casualty of the heat, one of the linisher belts snapped at the join. The tape that turns it into a loop let go. This is the same red 3M tape used to hold parts onto cars that almost never fails.

All of which brings me back to thinking that this isn’t the way the original was made. We’ve already established that it’s unlikely that it was hollowed by turning as we’d be using mandrels on pole lathes, trying to get hook tools down a long bore without knocking the mandrel off centre or tearing the core out. The complications are discussed nicely by Sylva Spoon here, down below the birthday party.

I’m thinking the outside was turned first, then the centre bored with a spoon auger, cleaned out with knives and the bottom inserted shrink-pot style. We know they had the technology required, a complication is getting my arm down the bore with a hook knife, but I can just manage it. It could also have been done with steaming the bottom of the tube to soften and jamming the base in that way. The sinew then becomes cross-grain reinforcing rather than securing a glue joint.

I’ll resplit this one, clean it up, re-glue it and do the sinew binding immediately after the glue is set. I don’t think we’ll any more 47 degree days this summer.


*celcius for those playing in  the Bahamas, Belize, the Cayman Islands, Palau and the United States and associated territories.


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