Hammer time!

I was handed a bodger-made mallet that was made from green wood and had shrunk so badly that both hoops had fallen off in the space of a couple of years.

This new mallet (technically a beetle) is using the old iron hoops off that old one.  It’s made from a 35+ year old fence post so should have minimal problems with shrinkage and the handle is Mountain Ash off an old 40mmØ spear. The wedge is an off-cut from the piece of timber I used for the head. I left the tool marks on because it’s supposed to be a mass-produced agricultural grade tool rather than a fine piece of furniture.

Bands are heat shrunk on after cleaning up the dodgy arc-welds. One day I will use the wok burner on the barbeque for cooking with a wok. This is not that day.


The hand headed nails are just to fill the holes that were already in the bands, the next one will rely on shrinkage alone to keep the bands on.

Next up, new bands for the shrunken mallet. After that I should be up to doing some pell mell clubs.


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