What a brilliant place. I love the location, the atmosphere and above all, the light. I reserve the right to change my opinion if I ever happen to be there on a wet, windy winter’s day. The photo behind the title box is from this series.

It was a two-day stopover after a day travelling across the highlands from Inverness. We arrived late in the afternoon and pulled up opposite our accommodation for the night. We unpacked the car and then went for a walk. Just across Lochalsh is the Isle of Skye.

Skye from Balmacara
This is the view from the carpark.

Scallop shells
There seemed to be commercial quantities of scallop shells on the beach.

Lochalsh from Balmacarra Looking back towards Dornie.

Lochalsh from Balmacarra
Lochalsh from Balmacarra.

Rainbow over Skye seen from Balmacara
We just missed the rain for a change.

Skye from Balmacara
They obviously grow up hard if this is considered a beach.

Lochalsh from Balmacarra

The view from our room.

Lochalsh from Balmacarra
Skye bridge at sunset.


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