This is another of those unplanned diversions that you sometimes grudgingly make and yet turns out to be a highlight.  We were travelling between Bristol and Lynton on our way into Cornwall and desperately needed to stop for diesel, so a detour via Minehead seemed the best option for a chance to refuel without losing too much time. We hit the coast, turned right along the Esplanade and found both the service station and the railway station. I smelled the coal-smoke first and realised what it was pretty quickly, but the size of the place surprised me. The tail-end of a fairly long passenger train was disappearing along the line as we stopped in the station car park. Minehead station is now one of the termini of the West Somerset Railway.

Great Western Notice

A camera and the right attitude is sufficient authorisation in most cases…


Quietly simmering in the refuge is the rebuilt West Country Class Steam Locomotive 34046 ‘Braunton’ designed by Oliver Bulleid for the Southern Railway

Class 115/117

Diesel Multiple Unit train introduced by British Railways as part of the Modernisation Plan of the 1950s.
The DMUs replaced many steam-worked local services

GWR 2884 2-8-0 No. 3850

Great Western Railway 2884 class  2-8-0 3850 heavy freight engines built by C.B. Collett in 1942
based on an original design by G.J. Churchward, from1903


GWR turntable with a three-car diesel multiple unit train in Southern Railway malachite green.

GWR 2884 2-8-0 No. 3850

3850 is presented here in its later BR freight black livery.

Class 03 No D2133

That’s Class 03 No D2133 diesel hydraulic shunter behind the DMU.

BR DMU at Minehead station

BR diesel multiple unit train. There’s a British Railways Mark I coach sitting on the road near the turntable.

Men are forbidden to pass

Men are forbidden to pass between an engine or vehicle and the girder of this table.

We’d meet up with the Swanage Railway again just before we came home, more of that story later.


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