Photo essay  – Two brochs on Skye

Photo essay – Two brochs on Skye

We went for a drive, circumnavigating the top half of Skye and visiting a couple of brochs on the way. Dun Ringil and the bottom half of the Isle will have to wait for another trip. We’ll be back because Talisker was closed.

A broch is a Scottish style of roundhouse in use from 2400BC to about AD100 or a bit later. They tend to be located on dominating parts of the landscape, both to be defensible and as a mark of status.

Ruins of a broch on the B884 south of Dunvegan.

Ruins of a broch on the B884 south of Dunvegan.

Ruins of a Broch

The broch as seen from the B884.

Ruins of a Broch

Looking back toward Dunvegan.

Ruins of a Broch

The next one is the considerably more complete Dun Beag, near Straun on the west coast of Skye.

Dun Beag

Dun Beag, near Straun. The original height was around 13m.

Dun Beag

Interlocking stones on the outer wall.

Dun Beag

Looking in the main doorway. The ground floor was used for keeping stock, the living areas are on the next couple of floors.

Dun Beag

Looking south out the door. The walls are double skinned and 4.3m thick, the void between is used for a staircase and store rooms.

Dun Beag

The view to the west over Loch BracadaleDun Beag

Looking back from the north east.

We saw a couple of much larger brochs on the mainland at Glenelg and met a druid all on the same day but thats for another post.


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