Bicentennial MHO

This could be one of those cautionary tales about dodgy vendors on eBay, but I’d rather avoid that. Here’s the background, back in 2003 I ordered one of these:

What turned up about 6 weeks later was this:

Shattered MHO

It could have happened in the mail, it could have been done before posting. It wasn’t particularly well packed. In any case, I despondently threw it in the drawer and forgot about it. I’d already raised a dispute about the vendor and how long it took to post, and back in those days eBay weren’t interested in a second dispute on a single auction.

MHO Body

The roof is completely shattered and there window pieces missing. The crack down the door frame is the only significant one on the body, although the sides have separated from the floor. There’s another closed crack at one end that I think I can hide with weathering.

I haven’t done any modelling in 20 years, this looks like a good opportunity to see if I can still do it. I never could leave just leave these how they came out of the box. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Other parts of this series:

Bicentennial MHO – part 2 – the power of putty. Getting the bits stuck back together

Bicentennial MHO – part 3 – finishing the roof. Vents, paint and rice paper.


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